Wednesday, November 4, 2009

These weeks fly by...

So, I haven't posted in 2 weeks... it's not that I haven't been at work; it's simply been an insane semester. I leave for the Czech Republic in about 2 weeks to visit my girlfriend, and between now and then I have 3 papers, an exam, and 2 books that I have to read. And I have to put on an RA event in my building the night before I leave, so I'm currently coordinating speakers, marketing, food, etc. So, I'm sort of insanely busy.

But anyway, to work. My lunch with the attorneys and paralegals was really interesting. On the walk to the restaurant I talked to my lead attorney about Arizona; he went to the University of Arizona for undergrad, my mom has lived in Tucson for 7 years. We did a bit of Tucson geography, and I turned the question into one of law school choice; I asked if it was wise to go to law school out West. He answered that it depended where I wanted to practice. Schools like UofA are regional, so if I choose to go there, I should expect to practice out there for at least a few years. Despite the exceedingly low cost of living, I'd rather stay on the East Coast, so I won't be rushing to change my lists too much. Once at lunch, the paralegals asked a lot of questions about law school, etc, which was definitely applicable to me. I did a lot more active listening than talking.
I sent in my law school first application last week and I'm dotting the i's on the remaining applications. Such a fun process (can you smell the sarcasm?)

Anyway, not much more to report on the internship front. I was supposed to meet with an attorney to present my findings to date, but she was out sick the day we were going to meet. Hopefully we'll meet tomorrow and I'll get some more guidance on what else to search.

I'll write more tomorrow (hopefully) after the meeting!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog on your internship. I hope you get into Law School and enjoy your trip to the Czech's supposed to be an amazing place.

    Regards, Gabrielle