Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The past 2 weeks!

Good morning, faithful readers!

The past two weeks, between midterms and work, have been a bit challenging. However, I did have some really good times at work, and I thought I'd share!

Last week, on Thursday, my supervisor set up a tour of the Main Building of DOJ (the really intimidating-looking one on Pennsylvania). The Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building, as it's so called, has a significant amount of art and architecture in DOJ. I had no idea, but in the 1930s, when the building was built, a number of murals were built representing the ideals of justice. Additionally, every former Attorney General has a portrait somewhere in the building. Featured prominently, of course, is former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. The tour started on the 5th floor. As we were walking, the guide said, "Oh, yeah, and to your right is Attorney General Holder's office." Of course, I stopped, and she moved on to the next piece of sculpture that sits right outside AG Holder's office. I stared aimlessly into his office, trying not to look too conspicuous. Clearly, AG Holder doesn't sit in the lobby of his office suite, but I was hoping he'd race out to an important meeting or something. Sadly, he didn't. Oh well. I'll go back another day and camp outside his office...

Beyond that, I'm still working on the FDA-Criminal matter. I'm working on a memo now compiling my research from the past few weeks to recommend either an indictment or not against specific persons involved in the corporation that we're investigating. It's really fun work, and it seems that the attorney will take my word and my evidence very strongly in his decision to indict.

Other than that, tomorrow I'm having lunch with the paralegal, and the two lead attorneys in the case to get to know each other and get to know the case a bit better. It's my first lunch meeting, so it's going to be interesting to test my knowledge and abilities in this realm of the business!

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