Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My trip to Prague/Asking for Things at my Internship

So, my girlfriend has been studying abroad in Prague since September or so. I've always wanted to go to Eastern Europe, and visiting her gave me a great excuse :-). My class schedule is Tuesday-Wednesday, and I intern Monday, Thursday, and Friday. So watch this: I left on Thursday, missed Friday, missed Monday, on Tuesday classes were cancelled and Friday classes met, Wednesday school was closed, Thursday was Thanksgiving, Friday the office was closed, and I came home the following Monday. So, I missed four days of work.

I spoke to my supervisor around my first week of work and got his clearance; he basically said, "It's fine, just keep us informed as we get closer." Two weeks before, I emailed the attorneys that I work with reminding them, the week before I emailed again, and the day I left I stopped by their office. I worked really hard to finish all short-term projects (almost 100% successful, and the only project I couldn't complete was given to me at 5:00 on my last day in the office, it was a 3 hour project, and I had to get back to go to a meeting at AU). But yeah, I learned to just keep everyone informed and don't be afraid to ask my supervisors for days off.

Prague, if you're wondering, was fantastic. It's an incredibly old and beautiful city. We saw all the sights and some of the non-touristy stuff too. I'd love to go back. We also refused to eat at touristy restaurants, so we paid less than $5/person for every meal we ate. Beer is about $1 each (a beer is 20 koruna, the exchange rate is 17:1). But now I'm back at AU, I handed in 2 final papers this week, I have 1 final exam and a final portfolio to turn in, and 1 more week at work. Then I go home for 3 weeks, come back for RA training, and go back to work January 12th!

My next post will be a concluding one after my last day at work and will be a reflection. Until next week!

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